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Everything Pays - Maybe Just Not To You

When I worked at Philadelphia Spots Clubs in Society Hill in 2006, I knew it was only a pit stop. Soon, I would get my basketball career back on track. One day my boss Gary and I talked about our life aspirations. Gary didn't see himself staying at PSC forever either. But unlike me, he wasn't sure what he would do if he left. Gary told me he liked art, but art didn't pay.

Jim Rohn tells a story of a conversation he'd had with his first mentor. Jim was complaining about how his job didn't pay a lot of money, showing his paycheck to his mentor as proof. His mentor Earl replied with a question. "Aren't there people at the company who get paid 2-3X what you make, Jim?" Jim replied that there were. "So, this is not all the company pays. This is all they pay YOU."

Gary generalized art as having no money in it, which couldn't be more wrong. Don't we hear about paintings selling for millions of dollars at auctions? Art Basel is a huge event in Miami every December - it's happening right now. Artists and dealers come from every corner of the globe to sell their work at Basel.  There's plenty of money in art - a hell of a more than there was at PSC.

Last time I looked, Gary had finally left PSC, about 7 years after me.

There's something in everything. Money, opportunity, happiness: is someone out there getting it from the same thing you claim doesn't have any?

Maybe it just isn't there for YOU.

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