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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Everyone Wants It Until They Have It
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Everyone Wants It Until They Have It

Leadership. Full control. Unlimited choice. Un-checked power.

Everyone would agree that it would be good to have these things. But I've seen people offered these things -- or what appears to be it -- and they start to backtrack. I need to think about it. Pray on it. I don't decide anything on the spot. I have to really believe in doing this. 

When I was an up-and-coming basketball player, kids would notice the tallest kid at the park and talk about all the things they would do if they were that tall. Then they get on the court and are doing none of it.

In life, you usually get everything you ask for. The universe is pretty agreeable and will give you anything you ask if you ask for it enough, just to see what you'll do with it. If you drop the ball (pun intended), the universe will snatch it right back from you.

So if you know exactly what you'd do with it, be ready. It's coming your way. If you're not ready to handle it, don't say you never had the chance.

You dropped it.

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