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Work On Your Game Content/mental toughness/Everyone Ain’t Making It...
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Everyone Ain’t Making It...

I take a walk every morning.  
Recently, my walk has taken me past some areas where ducks live. 
Ducks are not that rare of an animal for this alone to be an exciting discovery. Ducks are everywhere in South Florida. 
The ducks become interesting, and a topic of this message, when little baby ducklings appear. 
I’m not a big animal enthusiast, but the baby ducks are cute. Their fuzzy coats make them look similar to baby chicks. 
Their complete dependence on mama — and each other for warmth when sleeping — is adorable. 
There’s always a lot of them — I’ve seen one mama duck with twenty ducklings trailing behind her — and though they grow fast, it will still take weeks to grow their flight feathers. 
I suppose some people in the neighborhood take care to feed the ducks. I see water troughs and feed strewn about in the same places every morning, and I read that ducks drink a lot of water every day, probably more than some humans. 
But, they still don’t all make it to adulthood. 
That crew of twenty ducklings that I saw got smaller every day. 
Within two weeks, twenty was down to two. 
What was interesting to me was that I never saw any dead duckling bodies laying around. And I don’t know what was happening to the casualties. 
Maybe birds of prey that come out at night snatched a live duckling for a meal. 
Perhaps there just wasn’t enough food or water for everyone to eat. 
Whatever was happening to the dead ones, their carcass was feeding some other animal that would perish without that meal. Everything works in a cycle. 
I didn’t write this to discuss the ducks. 
It’s to remind you that not everyone is going to make it. 
Every day, something or someone is falling off the map, eliminated from the game. And the vultures of the game gets to live another day, satiated by the carcasses of the dead. 
Giving is a great feeling. But there’s nothing wrong with ensuring your own survival to guarantee that you’re around to even you have something to give. 
Not everyone is making it to the finish line. 
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