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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Every Little Step: One Task At A Time Completes A Process
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Every Little Step: One Task At A Time Completes A Process

I always have thought about what it would be like to win the lottery (haven't we all?). What it would be like to wake up $100 million richer than I had been the day before, with no buildup, no process, no plan execution. It just... happens.
But, save for actually winning the lottery -- which would require me actually playing it -- that doesn't happen.
Everything builds up in steps. There's a process to it all. We eat dinner by taking small bites of food, and eventually we've finished the entire plate. None of us has mouth large enough to eat the whole plate of food at once; we accept that small notes over time will get the job done. So why do people lack such patience in their everyday lives -- in relationships, in business, with their bodies?

Whenever I'm running outdoors or on a treadmill and I feel like stopping before the endpoint, I just ask myself if I can run for five more seconds or if I can take one more stride. The answer is always, "Yes". String enough of those together, and boom, you're at the end.

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