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Every Day Discipline

I never had a basketball trainer. No one took me under their wing and showed me the ropes. There wasn't anyone to talk to after a day of rough games to discuss my mistakes and areas for improvement.

I didn't have the email address or Snapchat name of anyone who I felt might be able to help me. No YouTube videos to watch and mimic.

I just went to the outdoor courts every day and did whatever I knew how to do. No program or drills to follow. I literally made that sh*t up, day by day. It wasn't until my junior year of college that someone showed me a strategic way of practicing basketball.

My strategy was simple. Show up every day and do something. My strategy was simple. Show up every day and do something.

That's still my strategy now. I show up every day and do things. I have more processes in place but the mindset is still the same.

It's how I got good at podcasting, public speaking, writing, cold calling, negotiation, and anything else.

And whatever skill I don't have is just a daily discipline away.

The Mirror Of Motivation is your Self-Guide to Self-Discipline.

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