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Entrepreneurs: Are You Asking the Wrong Question?

I pulled into the parking garage at my building, coming home from Whole Foods, and my damn car trunk would not open.

I pulled and pulled on the door and it wasn’t budging. There were groceries in there. Peanut butter to spread. Bananas to peel. And I had things to do.

Being that the trunk is electronic and mechanical, I figured I could use the key to open it. I went upstairs, grabbed a screwdriver and removed the license plate.

I found out there is no key slot for the trunk. There is ONE way to open the trunk, and the one way wasn’t working.


I went to the glove box. The owner’s manual was in there. I turned to the page about operating the trunk.

Turns out, there’s a switch in the glove box that can lock the trunk from inside the car. Apparently, when grabbing the phone holster I use to record videos while driving, I’d inadvertently hit the switch, locking the trunk.

I flipped the switch back.

The trunk opened easily.


If you work out often and your knee is bothering you, there might be something wrong with your knee.


Your hamstrings may be tight…
Your glutes are weak…
Your hips aren't activated…

– all which force your knee to work harder than it’s supposed to. So your knee hurts because it’s doing the jobs of other body parts. There’s nothing wrong with your knee. But you go icing / injecting / treating your knee, it doesn't get better.

In business, if your course or coaching program isn't selling, it might be that the course or program sucks.


The price point may be too high or too low for your target audience…
The “hook” (the attention grabber that gets people to notice) is weak and fails to draw the right attention…
The positioning – what it does, for who and why – is missing the mark…

– so it’s not selling.

Your program may be perfect. But if the supporting elements are off or you’re addressing the wrong issue, you may be diagnosing (and trying to fix) the wrong problem.


I talk to people every day via texts, DMs, emails and Zoom calls.

87% of the time, what they think the problem is, is NOT the problem.

When you go to work on the wrong problem, you fix the wrong thing. Often it’s something that doesn't even need to be “fixed”.

Now you have two problems.

And it only goes on from there.

What I do as a coach is NOT give you all the answers (though I have a lot).

I supply the right QUESTIONS.

The ones that identify the actual problem, that leads to actual results and the change you want.

I do it all at Work On Your Game University.

Get started here:

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