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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Either-Or? BOTH! You Don't Compromise
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Either-Or? BOTH! You Don't Compromise

Someone referred to my YouTube video count and asked me which I felt was more important: Quality or Quantity?
Both! Make quality content and do it as much as humanly possible.
A girl I dated told me that I couldn't have my cake and eat it too: I needed to choose one or the other.
BOTH! I dumped her.
When i worked at a gym, there was a dispute over who deserved credit for a membership sale. My boss told me I could either have the credit or be first in line for a walk-in appointment that day at work.
BOTH! The other salespeople didn't like me there too much.
Successful people don't play the either-or game. That game is for losers. Your new mantra is BOTH. Either-or means a compromise. Not to say you'll always get it, but you never will if you don't expect and demand it!
If you plan on being super-successful in what you're doing, you need to drop any compromise you have in you and become uncompromising in going after what you want.

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