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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Earn The Rewards You Give Yourself
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Earn The Rewards You Give Yourself

I heard a wise man once say we should never give ourselves rewards we didn't earn. It's a basic principle of being disciplined and makes a lot of sense, I'm sure you would agree. There are some practical ways it could be put into practice.
Give yourself benchmarks. If you like eating candy (like I do), you can decide you'll only treat yourself to candy when you make a sale at work or on days where you woke up before your alarm clock. I wont have this until I get this, is the template. You train yourself to work for your food. This could be figurative or literal.
Hold yourself accountable (with help). Accountability at its best contains both reward and punishment. What do you lose if you don't hit the gym? What does it cost you if you don't make those calls for your business? What penalties do you incur if you don't finish reading that book by the end of the month? This works best with a partner whom you respect enough that they can enact the penalties without you overruling. This point is pivotal.
What do you have? Let me know in the comments. 

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