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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Drive Your Damn Car: Remember What Makes You Great
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Drive Your Damn Car: Remember What Makes You Great

There's a woman I know to be a model by trade; I googled her and came upon her website. I had seen her website before a couple years ago; the website had been redesigned and looked different now. There was less focus on visuals and a lot of text.

I don't like the new look.

I don't like it because the new site is very blog-ish. Nothing wrong with a blog -- my website was like that for some time and kinda still is, if you want to consider the basketball videos to be blog posts. Makes sense for me, since I post a lot of blog-like shit -- videos and written content -- daily.

The aforementioned model doesn't blog; she hadn't actually blogged anything since sometime in 2013. She's a model. So be a model, dammit. When I go to a model's website, I want to look at them. When an author tells me about his website, I'm expecting to read or to see links to purchase books. When an athlete has a website, I'm expecting to see her accomplishments, teams played for, and maybe some multimedia. A trainer's website, I'd expect to get some fitness advice (or have it sold to me -- and if you've created value, you should be selling it).

Basically, press your advantage. It can get boring and at times seem like it never ends -- I don't always feel like editing videos -- but you must remember what brought people to you in the first place. If you decide to pivot, be ready to supply your viewers with a good amount of the new stuff. If an author decides to start modeling, show me some damn photographs. That's what models do, right?

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