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Dre Baldwin vs. DreAllDay

In 2014, I made a mistake that cost me a year.

I had decided my platform business - speaking, coaching, consulting, more writing etc - was the next chapter in my life. Then I looked at my website (before the redesign). I saw basketball, cutoff shirts, me writing how I talk... I saw me!

No way is that gonna sell me to these professionals.

So I created a separate identity. DreAllDay will still be DreAllDay, but let's get Dre Baldwin out there! Fire up a new website, with only suit photos. Only blog posts about business. No foul language. Keep it clean. THIS will get me in the room with the business people.

So, what was the result?

Nothing. Crickets. No bookings, no clients, nothing.

I spoke with a colleague of mine who watched this happen. She didn't try to change my mind. Just watched me get no results and waitied until I asked for her input (note: the correct way to help someone). She told me why I wasn't getting traction.

DreAllDay is what makes you unique. Speakers, authors, and experts on this and that topic are everywhere. Without DreAllDay making you stand out, what's your value? 


In 2015, I righted the ship.
I leveraged DreAllDay into the platform business. What I'd done as an athlete, blogger and YouTuber were emphasized rather than ignored. I read this book by Sally Hogshead and realized my uniqueness was the selling point. I tapped back into my real voice and trashed the "business" voice.

The results since? 3 TEDx Talks. Speaking engagements. Clients. Shows.

Dre Baldwin is DreAllDay. You get one, you get both.

[shareable cite =@DreAllDay]Dre Baldwin is DreAllDay. You get one, you get both.[/shareable]


The persona that gets you attention is what people want. The uniqueness, no matter how "unprofessional," is what raises your price. It's why you're remembered instead of being just another _______ (your line of work).

As soon as you lose sight of this, we lose sight of you.

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