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Dre Baldwin: Doing 100 Speaking Engagements in 8 Months

I made a video talking about Vision a few weeks ago and explained that your vision should be so big that you have no logical idea of how you're going to make it happen. So I offer myself as an example: I'm going to speak to 100 live audiences between now and June 30, 2016.

But Why, Dre? 

The experience will improve my speaking skills through dealing with different audiences, moods, questions and topics.
I know I'm good at it -- the more people who see me doing something I'm good at, the more I invite luck to and timing and destiny to meet with me.
There are a lot of agencies that need to hear what I have to say.
Why not?

Dre, Who Are Your Audiences? I might be interested. 

Schools -- middel school, high school, college
Career Days, assemblies
Sports teams (not just basketball!)
Business conferences (sales, marketing, social media, branding)
Chambers of Commerce
Sales groups (direct sales, MLM, in-house, B2B, outside, cold calling)
Everything else I didn't mention that you think I'd be good for

If you or someone you know is interested, email me here with your contact info. Some references and links follow.

Let's Do It.

Live Audiences:
“Social Media For Business” @ Lynn University:
"A Day Of Dance” @ Dance Through Life:
“How Basketball Went Global” @ Nerd Nite Miami
Speaking to Miami Beach Rotary Club @ The Savoy Hotel Miami Beach:
"Getting Out Of The Social Media Rat Race" @ Boca Raton Chamber Of Commerce:

Stop Letting People Scare You Out Of Your Life:
What You Know Is Killing You:
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Confidence Vs. Cockiness: What, How, and Why
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