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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/"Dre, Are You Available To Mentor Me?"
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"Dre, Are You Available To Mentor Me?"

I get asked the mentoring question a lot. This post is my answer as of August 2016. Until or unless I post something else (which would be linked here), this is the standing answer. 

Short Answer: Yes I am! I love mentoring people. I get excited when I get to help people enact change in their lives. And it's great to be a small part of that change.

As your mentor, I will show you things you haven't seen. I will say things to you that you haven't heard. I will ask you tough questions that you have not considered. And work with you to find or create the answers.

I also charge money for my mentoring and prefer to call it "Coaching."


I've been a virtual mentor to over 30 million people over the last 10 years plus. I didn't start out trying to become this, but my knowledge and experiences, combined with my ability to explain things in plain English, draws people to me.

These skills, combined with  years of experience and expertise-development, are what you pay for. My time is not free. I'd be hungry, homeless and poor if it were. There is no shortage of people who would gladly take as much of my time as I'd allow. It is my duty to myself, my business and the people around me to use my time in the way that is best for me.

Also important: I'm a Business, Man!

Helping people and changing lives is my business. I know the time you spend with me has a linear relationship to improvements in your business and your life. This equates to what we call value. The higher the value of something, the higher the price.


To be virtually mentored by me, know:

Many of the things I'm often asked about myself, are answered here on my FAQ page.
If you are a basketball player, anything you could ask me is answered - On-Court and Off-Court. I do not have any extra advice or tips that I've been holding back just for you (another FAQ in itself). I've shared more free help content online than any human being alive. And 97% of the questions I get have already been answered in that content. That page has links to everything. Bookmark that page and consume as much free content as you like!
If you feel ready to invest in receiving personal assessment of your unique situation, go to this page and proceed as necessary.

In conclusion: My brand and business are built on providing value to as many people as possible. That will never change. Just as you get paid for your time at work, other people expect the same. Just think of the time it's taken me to create all this free stuff. And the time it took to do things that allow me to share it.


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