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Don't Look Down

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

No one's life is perfect. Think about the non-perfect things in your life enough, and you'll soon start to feel imperfect. If you're in a car that's spinning out of control and you focus on the object you're afraid of crashing into, you'll probably hit it. Focus on getting back on the road and under control, though, and you'll steer yourself to safety.

Pay anything enough attention, and you will surely get a return on your investment.

So don't look down at negativity. The people discouraging you, whatever is not working, the failures of the past. Looking at them is your way of asking for more of it.

Look up -- at the people whose success you want to emulate. The vision of who you want become. The goals you see yourself achieving.

The direction you look at long enough is the direction in which you will eventually go.

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