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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Don't Get Motivated. Get Disciplined
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Don't Get Motivated. Get Disciplined

Motivation is like hot water. Eventually it cools to the temperature of the room. Yes, Motivation can be reheated. But you're not always near a stove or microwave.

I'll offer you something more reliable which also requires less upkeep. It's called discipline.

Discipline isn't something you go and get every day. Discipline is a way of being that requires no thought. You've already decided what you're doing, and you do it. It doesn't matter if you don't quite feel like it or that you're having a bad day.

Discipline says, do it anyway. Now. 

Discipline isn't easy.  It probably won't be fun at first (but it can become fun as a habit). But it is guaranteed to be rewarding.  

Try it and see. 30 Days To Discipline is a 30-day mini-course that will infuse new habits.

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