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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Don't Get Mad, Just Take Note
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Don't Get Mad, Just Take Note

If you deal with enough people in life, you'll soon realize that not everyone operates with the same level of integrity.

People will go back on their word. Quit after one minuscule setback. Fools will listen to their loser friends, whom they don't want to be like, and buy their loser opinions. The person you most knew you could count on will turn their back on you.

And if you plan on being in a position of power, especially in business, you must control your emotional response to all of it.

The last thing you need to do is get emotional about these things. Don't get angry with people who blatantly go against what they told you. Don't get sad when people fall short of expectations. Just take note, gather the useful and teachable information from the situation and move on.

Emotions are great as a gas pedal: driving you forward, motivating and energizing. Emotions are terrible as steering wheels: deciding your direction, used as decisions makers.

We humans are at our worst rationally when we're emotionally charged. We make bad decisions, do and say things we later regret or pay dearly for. The less you allow yourself to get into this space, the more efficient you can be. When you stay on an even keel, you can step back and look at a situation for what it is, see people exactly as they are, and use them for what they're good for. Crude, yes, but true.

When you get too emotional over life's occurrences, your vision is clouded. Emotions get in the way of good sound judgement.

You'll find use for the knowledge later on -- as long as you don't get lost in your feelings over it in the first place.

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