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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Don’t Get Caught Slipping
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Don’t Get Caught Slipping

I don’t speak French, so I don’t listen to French rap. But Anna knows of a well-known French rapper who had a skirmish with a rival rapper, entourages included, in Orly airport in Paris (here’s the video).

My impressions from watching the video of the dust-up:

None of these ten-plus guys can fight. Not a single one of them. Which made it an even matchup.
There were more (missed) kicks than punches.
A couple times, someone got caught and hit by multiple rivals en masse. No one is even close to being hurt.
Even the landed punches were weak.
I hope these guys are not gangsta rappers.
For Your Game
I’m not here to tell you that being able to physically hurt another person makes you tough or makes you a man. A guy will be in court arguing for his life after hitting someone hard enough to kill him. Maybe not fighting at all is the best thing to do. But…

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