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Work On Your Game Content/basketball/Don’t Be Mad At Bandwagon Fans — Just Get You Some [Daily Game]
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Don’t Be Mad At Bandwagon Fans — Just Get You Some [Daily Game]

My sister spent many years living in the Bay Area, the last few of which coincided with the Golden State Warriors’ ascension to the top of the NBA. Though she knows very little about basketball, she claims the Warriors as her club of choice — even posts frequently on Facebook about how sure she is that “[her] team” is going to win some game or series.

My sister is the very definition of what we call a “Bandwagon Fan,” someone who conveniently cheers for whoever is winning at the time, often with perfectly logical rationalizations for why and how they became a fan.

To the casual fan, and especially the diehard fans, the no-matter-what supporters of, say, the New York Knicks or Minnesota Timberwolves, people like my sister can be quite annoying. You only like them because they winning! I never heard you talk about them before they became good! 

To the diehard and casual fans: I get it. To hell with these fair-weather mofos who only like stuff when everyone else likes it too. Damn no-good followers. I mean, who can respect that? Who likes a person who only comes around when the success starts happening?

Well, all of us.

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