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Don't Be Like NBA Players...

There’s this new thing in the NBA where the players sit out random games for no reason.

Actually there is a (bad) reason.

Depending on who you ask, new “science” (after COVID, we have to put that word in quotation marks) says that players playing all 82 games of the NBA season put unnecessary wear & tear on their bodies.

This accumulates over time, affecting players’ performance, shortening their careers and hurting their earning potential.

The data shows that players perform A LOT better on 2+ days of rest. So when a team has a “back-to-back” of games on consecutive nights, you can expect your favorite player to NOT play in one of those games.

Like all the other bad ideas society has accepted, this one was given a benevolent, positively-intentioned name.

“Load Management.”

So let me get this straight: Playing and training for a professional sport, where you push your body to its limits, wears your body down. And, the more you play that sport, the closer you get to not being able to play anymore.


It’s a professional sport!!

Fatigue, bumps & bruises and your body wearing down is what’s SUPPOSED to happen!!

That’s why there’s a draft every year. New talent comes in to replace your can’t-play-anymore ass!!

The fans have come to accept this nonsense.

You have a kid who’s a big basketball fan. He wants to go to a game.

So you circle a date on the calendar. Rearrange your schedule. Splurge on really good tickets.

You get to the game an hour early to watch warm-ups. Your kid has his favorite player’s gear on.

… and LeBron comes out in street clothes.

He’s not playing tonight because he’s tired. And hey — he just played a tough game last night in Orlando! Cut him some slack!

QUESTION: Have you ever had a hard day at work?

Can YOU take off the next day for rest and recovery?

Would your customers, clients and bosses accept that?

Would you still have a job next week?


Don’t “load manage” your life.

Don’t pass on an opportunity today just because you took advantage of one yesterday.

Don’t sit on the sidelines, waiting for everything to align perfectly, before taking action.

You’re not an NBA player. You don’t have a guaranteed contract.

You have the opportunity that's in front of you RIGHT NOW. Nothing else.

You’re tired?
Concerned about how you’ll make it work?

Good. You’re supposed to be all of those.

That’s the game you’re in.

Oh, one more thing: The Game started already.


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