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Don't Ask For It: Take It.

As a young salesman, W. Clement Stone once walked into a man’s office and asked for 10 minutes of the man’s time. Stone had a sales presentation planned for him.

From behind his desk, the man bellowed to Stone, boy, NEVER ask a man for his time. TAKE IT!

I like that.

I've talked on my podcast about things that are better taken in life.

You take the lead.

Control is taken.

Time? Taken time is guaranteed. Given time is fickle. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]Taken time is guaranteed. Given time is fickle.[/shareable]

Giving is great, and I believe deeply in it. But when you're on the receiving end of the give, you're no longer in control.

I don't favor this position.

This whole taking thing: what do you need to start actually using it effectively? In order,

Confidence. You must walk into a situation believing you're worthy of having what you're about to take. If you don't believe it, people will see right through you.
Mental Toughness. Someone may question your authority to be so brazen. Maybe someone is taken aback by your forwardness. How will you handle being confronted? Can you stand your ground mentally, verbally and emotionally?
Less Time To Consider This. The more you think about what I'm saying here, the less likely you are to act on it. So take the energy and momentum you have right now and go take something. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay"]The more you think about it, the less likely you are to act on it. [/shareable]

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