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Doing Something Different Won't Help...

The New Year is upon us, again.
What do we always do when the new year approaches?
We start planning for and promising to ourselves all the things we’re gonna do differently.
This is a good thing.
If you want different results, it makes sense that you’d need to take different actions. Any thinking person can see this. You know the saying about doing the same things and expecting different results.
But, this strategy has a fatal flaw.
Doing different things with the same mindset from before does NOT create lasting change.
Understand: the ineffective actions that you wish to leave behind were seeded by a certain set of THOUGHTS.
There’s a certain mindset that led you to do what you did/are doing.
If you change your actions without first addressing that mindset, your new actions will produce equally frustrating results.
The tragedy is that most people live their entire lives in this endless loop of changing actions that never produces the results they want.
And it’s not because they don’t have access to the right strategies.
The best strategy in the world, applied by a person who has the wrong mindset, will not produce the desired outcome.
Average people believe that you have to DO something to be successful.
Exceptional people know that you have to BE something to be successful.

The masses of people live their life in the following cycle:

1) Decide what they want
2) Figure out what they must do to get it
3) Incessantly do things to try achieving it
4) Never get it

For the majority of people, despite a LIFETIME of doing things, they never achieve their goals.
Tell me I’m wrong.

Here’s what the exceptional few do:
1) Decide what they want
2) Figure out WHO THEY MUST BE to get it
3) Constantly work on their being and mindset, which leads to actions and eventually, results
4) Create success after success, not because of some incredible strategy — but because they have BECOME walking success-producing machines.

When your being changes, the actions are easy to figure out. You actually won’t even have to decide what to do. Your being will make the necessary actions obvious.
Bottom Line: you need to examine your underlying thought process before you think about finding a new set of actions to execute.

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