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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/Do Your Job. But Don't Do *Just* Your Job.
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Do Your Job. But Don't Do *Just* Your Job.

I grabbed an Uber from a hotel to the airport in Las Vegas last weekend. We found the car and driver, banished to the back of the valet entry area by the hotels who are still in bed with taxi companies (gag).

The Uber driver saw me, with two rolling suitcases, walking towards him. From in front of his car, no less. So there was no way he didn't see me.

The Uber driver didn't bother to get out of the car.

The driver popped his trunk and I put the bags in myself. I got in the car and asked the driver about his lack of effort or service. The driver claimed that putting bags in the trunk is something he "[wasn't] supposed to do."

Whether this is true or not isn't important. If it is, though, he should tell the other 3 Uber drivers on my trip (2 going, 2 coming) who did jump out and get my bags.

What is important is this driver's misunderstanding of how service businesses work. For a waitress, restaurant training probably doesn't tell you exactly how to be friendly and accommodating. But you do it anyway because it affects your income. Which is the main reason most people go to work.

Just because your customer has paid for a ride and drop-off doesn't mean your work entails nothing more.

Why, you ask?

People are not dumb. They know when you're doing the bare minimum. At worst, they won't use your service again. At best, you've lost any and all goodwill with this person. Goodwill can be found in the form of referrals, tips, and positive reviews. All of which effect your bottom line.

You take You with you everywhere you go. The Uber driver who won't get out of his car to put bags in the trunk will give that same bare-minimum effort in every other area of his life. We spend 1/3 of our lives working.  If you won't put effort into this - the thing that allows you to do the other 2/3 better and easier - you're hustling backwards.

Giving just-enough to people and the world means people and the world will give just enough to you. Just enough keeps you on life's treadmill. Not slow enough to fall off (i.e. doing nothing) and not fast nor smart enough to jump off (outgrowing your position).
Uber drivers can be immediately reviewed by their passengers. Combined with Twitter and Facebook and Yelp! and the rest, you should always keep this in mind when you work in service.

Napoleon Hill, quoting a friend, said that there were two types of hopeless men. One is the man who cannot do what he's told. The other is the man who can do nothing else.

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