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Do Your Expectations Match Your Wants? Do Some Self-Analysis

We all have a bunch of stuff we want, our wishes and hope and goals, or whatever you want to call them.

When we talk about these things, there is no limit to the imagination. A billion dollars. The biggest house ever seen, the hottest spouse, the nicest cars, the most successful business. And each of us is free to want, wish, and hope as we choose.

The question is this: After considering your hopes and wishes and whatever word you wanna use, what do you expect? I could set a goal or have a wish of making $100 in the next five minutes, but unless I had some concrete actions that plausibly would lead to that outcome, it wouldn't be an expectation.

People talk about their hopes and goals as if listeners should be impressed. It has also been said that the satisfaction a person gains from taking about their goals diminishes the likelihood that they actually achieve the goal, because talking about it partially deceives the mind, as if the goal had been achieved. It's rare to hear anyone talk about their expectations -- when they're low, it's not impressive, and when they're high, you don't have to say anything because you know what's coming.

A sports team that hopes to win might talk a lot to embolden themselves. A team who expects to win says nothing.

What you hope for you write down, read, post on Instagram, and share with your friends. What you expect, you take action on -- and pretty soon it's obvious, because you have it.

What do you expect?

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