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Work On Your Game Content/confidence/Do You Talk Funny? By David Nihill (@FunnyBizzSF) [Book Review]
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Do You Talk Funny? By David Nihill (@FunnyBizzSF) [Book Review]

“Learning from stand-up comedy can give us a huge advantage in building our public speaking ability by providing the tools to help us not only outrun the lion, but leave him laughing in our dust. And that is the premise of this book. That is what I’m going to show you: how to use comedy techniques to transform your public speaking, and by doing so, help make the world a lot more entertaining for everybody.”

I don't remember when or where I first heard of Dave. Apparently, he was funny enough to move me to buying his book, which sat on my shelf until I finally got to it. Do You Talk Funny? Is a great how-to which lays out clear steps for anyone to systematically add humor to their delivery on any stage.

With the author following his own creed of “brevity is levity,” Talk Funny is a short read. You’ll find Dave illustrating every point with a story from his experiences as both a stand-up comedian and competitor in a storytelling contest. Dave is sure to address the I’ve-never-been-funny! Reader by sharing stories of others who weren't funny at all -- in daily life -- but somehow transformed on stage to give great shows.

You Should Read Do You Talk Funny? IF: You do any speaking, on any stage. You want the skill of humor to come “naturally” to you, even though it never has. You're tired of watching (or giving) boring presentations that suck the life out of the audience.

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