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Do They Really Love You?

I have heard of Demi Lovato — I think her photos have been featured on Snapchat before and that’s where — but don’t know her music. I saw myriad memes posted about praying for Demi this past Tuesday, but didn’t know why people were praying for her. I read an article the next day giving the gist of the situation: The singer had overdosed after 6 years of sobriety. Demi apparently has a lot of fans, which means a lot of prayers being sent her way.

You may remember me writing about then-incarcerated rapper Meek Mill back in April. This tweet, though addressing a different angle of the conversation, summed up the Demi public outcry pretty well. This one is good too.

For Your Game
I shared a favorite scene from The Sopranos the other day. There was another scene in the show where mob boss Tony’s wife Carmela gets real with her husband. Carmela informs Tony that, contrary to what Tony thinks, his mafia underlings aren’t really his friends. They only laugh at your unfunny jokes, Tony, because you’re the boss; the have to laugh at your jokes. You don’t have any friends. When you’re as famous and known as Demi and Meek, people pray and rally and post hashtags for you because of your fame. Be in your same predicament without the public notoriety, and you’re an everyday criminal or another bum drug addict. Your fans are not your friends.
I don’t know anything about addictions and recovery, but I’m sure that, should she fully recover from this, Demi will have even greater career opportunity than she had a week ago — all because she’s known. It pays to be talented and it pays to be famous.

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