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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Decisions Don't Have A Plan B
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Decisions Don't Have A Plan B

The root of decision is incision, which means to make a cut. In other words, to cut off any other possibilities. 
Decisions don't have contingencies or Plan Bs. The actions necessary to bring a decision to fruition will reveal themselves in full light, but only after your decision is made.
Many people avoid decisions because of the risk I talked about yesterday -- they don't want to be in position to ever be wrong. Thus they never make real decisions and never take proper actions and never achieve much.
When you don't have a Plan B, you will find out how to complete Plan A -- there is no other option, after all. You don't have a choice BUT to figure it out. You could achieve pretty much anything if you would only start with a decision.
Imagine that.

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