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Dear Black People...

Dear Black People,
Some of you are angry right now. Some are afraid. Some don’t know what to say. Some of us have nothing to say.
Here's what I say: WE ARE NOT VICTIMS.
Victims are losers: they expect life to work against them — and that’s exactly what happens.
Powerful people expect & demand control over their own lives — which is exactly what they get.
Powerful people see a situation that needs changing, strategize for change, and make it happen.
Victims see a situation, complain about it, but make no real plans for changing it — so it keeps happening over and over again.
Powerful people create their lives.
Victims have life happen to them.
I’d been straining to understand why some prominent and successful “leaders” continue to perpetuate the victimhood of Blacks in America — when they, themselves, could never have become successful by being victims.
It made no sense to me.
I figured it out: some people perpetuate victimhood because it keeps their followers being just that: FOLLOWERS.
As long as “the system” is the problem, there’s no point in doing the work — it’s all pointless.
If a big-name person told you to stop whining and complaining, get YOUR sh*t together and take ownership of your life, you’d have no more excuses.
You’d have to start leading.
Being a victim of White Supremacy, systemic racism and oppression gives you an “out clause” — a get-out-of-responsibility-free card, so to speak.
As long as you’re a victim, you’ll always have a built-in excuse. There’s always something blocking your success. There’s always something for you and your peers to collectively bitch about.
The only true victims are the deceased: they can't do anything about what’s happened to them.
All the rest of us who are alive to talk about it? You are not a victim.
YOU are not being held back.
No one is oppressing YOU.
Nobody needs to “speak out” on your behalf.
Stop being a bitch. Take OWNERSHIP of your life and situation.

Power: the ability to produce a result.
Victims have no power: someone (or something) else is always blocking their way.
You cannot be powerful and a victim at the same time.
Choose one.

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