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Creators and Commentators...

Every piece of online content has two sections (well, most of them do). 
1) The content. This is where video, article, audio or photo is posted by the creator. 
2) The comments. This is where viewers, listeners and readers can leave their feedback. 
You will predominantly live in one area or the other. 
It’s true in life, just like with content. 
You’re either creating or commenting. Playing or watching. 
For every one creator, there are 100 or so commentators. 
For starters, the comment section is a much easier place in which to reside. 
You haven’t created anything, so your work (which doesn’t even exist) can’t be criticized. 
You’re just another face in a big crowd, so you can blend in. You’re protected by the size of the group. 
Groupthink is on your side: adopt the same opinion as the rest of the group — or at least pretend to — and you shield yourself from any possible scrutiny. 
These are easy to do and require very little commitment. It’s why the comment section is always crowded. 
While being in the creator group, on the other hand, seems like the obvious and “right” choice, there are risks that come with it. 

First, it’s you versus the masses who are in the comment section. 
If they decide that they don’t like you, or want to go against you in any way, you’re greatly outnumbered. You can’t shout all of them down at the same time. 

Secondly, you’re the one who has created something. 
Creations get scrutinized, especially when they’re new and unique. The conformists in the comment sections generally don’t like change. 

Third, when you’re the creator, you can’t hide. 
You’re on the stage, and the spotlight is on you. 

Your every flaw and mistake is open for all to see — and if anyone in the crowd disagrees with you or what you represent, it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll shine light of your mistakes. 
The creators are the people who make change and progress in the world. But it’s not an easy job. That’s why there’s a 1:100 creator-to-commentator ratio. 
Every one of us has something new and unique to offer the world. 
So, if that’s true, why do only 1% of us create? 
Fear of scrutiny.
Fear of ridicule. 
Fear of attack from the masses. 
Fear of not being able to hide. 
Fear of putting something out there that doesn't quite have the impact we expect it to have. 
Fear of trying to be anything other than average and failing (at least at first). 
And, because of that fear, you retreat to the comments section. 
You hide. 
And because you have company down there in the comments, you get comfortable. You don’t want or abandon your friends.
You move in. The comments section becomes your permanent residence. 
Your uniqueness and creativity dies there, never to be experienced by you or anyone else. 
A damn shame. 
If you want to avoid this, you don’t need to buy a better camera or microphone. 
You need to get your mind right about stepping up to the front lines. 
That’s why I created Bulletproof Mindset. 

Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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