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Could You Handle Public Criticism?

Female Rapper Cardi B won a Grammy award earlier this year for Best Rap Album. 
I didn’t think Cardi had the Best Rap Album — Nipsey Hussle and Travis Scott both produced better bodies of work, in my opinion — but, the Grammys are an award show. 
Awards are based on a voting process, and votes are subjective; ie based on people’s opinions. 
So, it’s not “wrong” that Cardi won (and, I must say, the quality of her album was significantly higher than I expected it to be). And it’s not like she did anything wrong to the other artists; the Grammys chose her as the winner — what else can she do but accept the trophy? 
At the same time, I understand the ire of some rap fans over the winner. 
The Grammy Awards happened months ago, and Cardi defended her win on social media back then, when the noise was loudest. For some reason, though, I noticed that Cardi decided to defend her victory again a couple days ago via her social platforms. 
I’m sure that Cardi is still getting shit from rap fans about the Grammy (it doesn’t help that Nipsey Hussle was murdered earlier this year, since dead people become legends while any of their possible flaws are forgotten). So I understand why she’s still feeling a way about the backlash. 
Again— the Grammys CHOSE her. 

I looked and saw that Cardi has 50 million Instagram followers — which means she probably has, say, 25 million detractors (maybe more) — some of whom are also followers, just probing for some flaw of hers to point out. 
Keep this Cardi thing in mind, while I tell you about hearing another female rapper, Nicki Minaj, on a podcast two weeks ago. 
The Nicki interview was long and entertaining, and there was one thing Nicki shared there that I want to share with you. 
Nicki was speaking out about the “hate” that she gets all the time online directed her way, and made a really good point. 

No one understands what it’s like to have all this attention from the public and negativity from people coming your way… People always say they want to be famous, they want to be known and have an audience all of that… but as soon as they get it, and the negativity starts coming at them, they’re ready to slit their damn wrists… 
Nicki Minaj has 106 million followers of her own. 

Imagine having that many people watching you, following your every move online, blogging about you, posting about you, talking about you — even if they were FANS, who wanted to see you win. 
Could you handle that? 
Now, accept that, since you’re famous, at least half of that fan number are people who don’t want to see you win, don’t think you’re as good as XXXXXXX, don’t believe you’re deserving of your success because of XXXXXXX… 
How would YOU handle that? 
Just something for you to think on. 
While you do, I’ll remind you that I created the Bulletproof Bundle, my four best books on Mindset, to help build your Mental Toughness for the challenges in your life — even if you’re not aiming for a Grammy Award. 
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-Dre Baldwin 

Remember: You’re Just One Bold Move Away… 

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