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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Could You Answer Your Own Question for $1 Million?
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Could You Answer Your Own Question for $1 Million?

Most of time, of course you could. The issue is people are lazy and undisciplined and unmotivated.

The lazy people don't want to think and want answers and ideas handed to them without doing the work. Thinking, by the way, is work.

The undisciplined know the answer to their questions and know exactly what they need to be doing right now. But they aren't self starters and don't have the discipline -- the ingrained habits -- to get it done.

The unmotivated also know exactly what they need to do, and most of time these people don't even ask questions. They just float on through their days, doing little and feeling no urgency to change it. This is a fluid description, as any of us could be this unmotivated person at some given time.


Lazy people need to grasp that the only person responsible for them and their success/failure is them; usually they'll have to experience some real pain to "get it." You can't talk a lazy person out of being lazy.

Undisciplined people just need to have the right vehicle to create new habits and tell themselves new stories about things to get moving in the right direction. I will have some useful materials for these people soon.

The unmotivated need urgency, and like the lazy person, usually will need to feel some pain to get moving on it. You can talk an unmotivated person into action, but it won't last. What they really need is to be forced to look inward, as a result of some real pain that they feel.

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