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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Copy The Feel Until It's Real
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Copy The Feel Until It's Real

You know those feeling moments we have some days, where our mind aligns everything that's good in our lives, everything we have to look forward to, all the pleasant people and places we have in our environment? You remember that great event that's coming up, that person you get to see, the money that's on the way?

You have this great feeling of joy that lasts maybe 10 minutes, 4 minutes, 35 seconds. You know the feeling I'm talking about.

Copy and practice that feeling that way as much as you can, like you practiced reading English and you practice making a free throw. Do it enough, andthewse things will happen:

You'll be able to create that feeling on-call, whenever you feel like it.
You can transfer the energy to others just by the strength of your own energy. Energy is contagious, after all.
You develop emotional conditioning -- which doesn't mean you never feel bad in any way -- what it means is you get really good at getting right back to that joyful feeling wherever negativity tries to creep in.
You'll extend how long that feeling lasts -- up to and including ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

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