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I bought a Christmas tree the other day. I was excited to buy it. I like how it smells, and I like how we get a month of that smell in the house and the buildup in the atmosphere (in the USA, at least) for the holiday season. As I walked the tree the 6 blocks from where I purchased it, I thought about how much of a consumer I and we have become over this supposedly-religious day.

I’m no expert on religion, but I generally understand Christmas to be a celebration of the birth of Christ. Now, we buy trees, gifts, and take a week (or more) off from working to commemorate this birthday.

Growing up, I don’t remember my family ever even mentioning Jesus, church, or anything else religious as we made lists for Santa, exchanged gifts, and enjoyed the days off from work/school.

Christmas has been turned into an excuse to buy, sell and celebrate. Which is fine, I guess.

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