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Confidence Lessons From Kim Kardashian

I follow Kim Kardashian on Snapchat.

Not because I'm trying to catch a cheap thrill watching her model underwear... but no heterosexual male would complain.

Not because I'm looking for the newest lingerie to buy or makeup tips or a need to learn how to best wear Spanx.

I follow because I'm always looking for what takes a person from Egg to Avatar. KimK is a great example, and I used her heavily in the podcast linked in the previous sentence.

Kim Kardashian has taken the fame of "famous-for-doing-nothing" (though this isn't remotely accurate) further than any do-nothing celebrity in history. And there's a lot anyone who is looking to get known can take from her rise to, and continued, stardom.

Since I don't have Kim's curves (I prefer cuts), sex tape (I do mine in the gym, car, and walking the streets, mostly), or high-powered mom manager (though mine did get me reading at a young age - the reason you're reading this), here's what I noticed about Kim.

Share more of your private vanity in public. Everyone does what Kim was doing in the image accompanying this post. Males and females - we all admire ourselves in mirrors, seeking our best angles. Kim made a business out of it and has spawned many followers doing the same.What do you admire most about yourself? Let the world know about it - someone might be willing to pay you to do it.

Be about what YOU'RE about. You like taking selfies and showing off how pretty you (think you) are? Do it! You think you bra and panty set is cute, and want more than just your hubby to see it? Share it! The gossip blogs thank you in advance. Want to get surgical work done on yourself? Great! Don't hide it - snap from the doctor's office!What do you love doing that you hide from public view? Think you're the only one? You're not.

Stop apologizing. Other people may not have the resources, opportunities or network you have. That is not your responsibility, it's theirs. Never apologize for being who you want to be. Whomever is uncomfortable with that, too bad.

[shareable cite="@dreallday"]Never apologize for being who you want to be.

Confidence attracts. Most people don't have enough confidence (I talk about this in my 3rd TED Talk, still unreleased as of today). When they see you displaying yours, they will flock to your bright light.

Confidence attracts.

Read my Confidence guidebook, The Super You, today.

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