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Comfortable In Your Role

I watched the first three episodes of LeBron James’ More Than An Athlete series. The show is a wide-angle look at the three guys who make up LeBron’s inner circle — how they came together, their roles and how they’ve handled certain situations thus far.

Randy Mims is the elder statesman of the group, officially in the role of LeBron’s Chief Of Staff. Randy has been an “uncle” of sorts to LeBron for a while, being nine years older than James, and he’s the guy who’s everywhere LeBron is, often much in advance of LeBron’s arrival, to ensure everything is right.

As the show profiles each guy, how each came in contact with LeBron, and how the LRMR (the name of their company) business team functions, there are two central ideas that each of the supporting guys shares.

Our existence is not fully dependent on LeBron James. We have business skills that are being applied to and for LeBron, but we are not mere entourage members hanging onto coattails.
Our role is to support the #1 priority, that priority being LeBron James the athlete, and LeBron James the business.

Point #2 is the point that Mims stated outright a few times in the series. It caught my attention so sharply because of how hard it is, contrary to how it may seem, to find people for whom both #1 and #2 apply accurately —

You have real, tangible skills that could be applied anywhere, even if you weren’t right here, right now, with these people.
You’re comfortable knowing you’re not the #1 person, and you embrace playing your role.

How many do you know?

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