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Cold Shower

I’m a warm-climate individual.

I’m not a fan of cold weather. While I endure it if I have to, I stay away from it when I can. I moved to Miami essentially for the weather; at the time I was playing basketball and doing online “stuff” before there were definitions for most of my activity, so I could have lived anywhere.

I like to live in places that have a jacuzzi. Though it’s not nearly as easy to keep clean, I prefer carpet to hardwood flooring since carpeting is warm (though most newly-built places are never carpeted).

If I ever have to be physically uncomfortable due to climate, I’d rather be sweating from heat than freezing from cold.

I ice myself after working out, and immediately get a hot shower.

Cold is not my thing.

Earlier this year, I started the habit of enduring 30 seconds of cold water with every shower I take. While this isn’t some new phenomenon — people have been talking about the practice for years — I figured that the practice of introducing some voluntary discomfort to my life would help build discipline. Especially since I do so many other things how and when I want them, down purposely-uncomfortable activity would serve me well.

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