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Cold Ass Game

Right now, there’s a basketball player out there somewhere  who really loves the game and shows the game the utmost respect.

He practices every day, trains hard, does everything his coaches ask him to do. If there was a manual for “making it” in basketball, this player has followed the manual to the letter, no mistakes or omissions.

But he’s only 5’7”.

Through no fault of his own, this player will never get the shot he and many others feel he “deserves” in basketball. And, sadly for this player, it will end that way.

Somewhere else, there’s another player who isn’t quite as all-in on basketball.

He trains and practices just the same as our 5’7” friend, but with much less discipline and fervor. He’d skip practice altogether if he could get away with it. He performs well below his potential, but still well enough that people encourage and expect him to take his game to the next level, whatever it may be. Though he isn’t so excited about that next level, he’ll probably go, almost by default.

Though he plays basketball, and even plays well, this player is just not that into the game.

But, he will get chance after chance, opportunity after opportunity that he didn’t even try to get, for one reason: He’s 6’9”.

It’s a cold game

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