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Closed For Business

I told you about my rainy-day journey around Miami to obtain a Philly cheesesteak a few weeks ago. I liked the pace enough to make a trip back — straight to it this time — to get another cheesesteak last weekend.

Though it was just 5pm, on a Saturday, I looked the place up to make sure it was still business hours for them; it was. I almost had an inkling to call the place, but for what? They didn’t close until 8, and it wasn’t raining — so no possibility that their cooking equipment wasn’t working like last time.

After the 30-minute drive to the place, we get there only to see that they were “closed today.”


What foodservice business closes for a whole day on a Saturday? 

A certain kind, apparently.

For Your Game
I’ve never owned a restaurant, but I’d think that Saturday is a good revenue day for a food business. To just be closed like this would indicate either an emergency in the building (they couldn’t make food), or they’re not making much money and a day off couldn’t matter much.

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