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Check Your Outbound Activity

If your inbound —

Calls from prospective clients
Teams interested in you playing for them
Media wanting to talk to you
Inbox messages and DM awaiting reply

— isn’t as active as you’d like it to be, check your outbound.

How many people are you calling yourself to turn them into prospects?
Is your offer compelling enough to induce action?
How much are you improving your game to make it recruitment-worthy?
How much recruiting are you doing — as opposed to waiting for it to come to you?
Are you selling yourself to media to make them interested in what you have to say?
How often are you following up if/when no one responds to your inquiries?
Are you interesting enough that people want to know your perspective? Can people tell that you’re interesting, or is it a secret?

It takes a spark to start a fire.


Work On Your Game Inc Logo (3).png

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