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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Can't Win If You're Afraid Of The Fail
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Can't Win If You're Afraid Of The Fail

I'm sure you've heard this before and you "know" this. But even though we know it, most of us are still living in fear of the failure that paralyzes us from taking actions - risks that may not succeed and changes that would expose us to the prying and judging eyes of the public.

Understand that most people have this internal fear, and it stays with them for life. They won't try anything that would put them on Front Street for all to see should it not work. They stay in the crowd, watching those who have the gumption to try. And they talk about them.

When you try stuff that may fail, everyone will be watching you. Many will discuss you. It will be difficult to talk back, since, as we know, these people haven't tried anything themselves -- that's their security blanket. But if your defense for these types is to retort all the time, this space isn't made for you. Or, you aren't made for this space, rather.

They'll watch you, talk about you, judge you. And there's not much you can do in return. That's the job description. You ready for that?

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