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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Can't Remove The Scars
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Can't Remove The Scars

Someone recently told me that people who become "experts" at subjects usually do so because they have lived through struggle with the exact thing they'be become an expert at.
I started thinking about the subject of confidence and I guess she was right.
All the schools I went to before college -- elementary, middle and high -- had bullies. I wasn't bullied or targeted, but I had my brushes with people, usually coming out "losing" in the court of public (school) opinion since I didn't have the confidence to argue back, stand up for myself, or whatever the situation was.
So now I teach what I wish I'd known. You've seen and heard that. Even better, though, I know what my triggers are, for better or worse.
(But I can't tell you. They would then no longer be useful to me.)
So when you're thinking of what you should talk about or be about of write about, think of the biggest challenge you have overcome or would like to overcome. That's your area right there.
You have the backstory, the hurt and pain, the need for improvement, the search, you've been through the process, and you survived and came out on the other side. Now, just talk to the people who are still at the starting line.
They need your help.

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