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Business: Freedom Is Not Free

'Til you own your own, you can't be free. 'Til you own your own, you can't be me. - Jay Z

I too, tried to sell CutCo knives. I failed.

I too, tried to sell CutCo knives. I failed.

The year was 2000. As a college freshman, I needed to make some money. My parents weren't giving me any more money, since I was over the age of 18, out of high school, and I did have a job. But McDonald's didn't pay well. After a stint at a Hat Store in the mall, I found an ad posted on campus about unlimited income potential. I called and went in to "interview" for the opportunity which had not yet been revealed.

I "made it" past the interview and started coming in for training. Man, those knives are really good products! I never saw cutlery that could cut through a penny like that. And I know the trainer was experienced, but the knife cutting up the food so easily was impressive. Finally, after about 3-4 days and a list of 800 names, we were finally told what it cost to buy our own set of knives and begin working.

That was my last day "with" CutCo.

Though I didn't sell any knives, even to myself, I learned a valuable lesson there. The lesson was, if I was going to run my own operation, I had to own the goods and control how things were done. And that came at a cost. A cost of time, money, know-how, and energy. And from what I could see around me - a bunch of risk-averse employees - most people didn't want to pay that price.
My parents both had entrepreneurial ventures at times as I grew up. They either closed up shop and went back to the work world, or kept the day job while doing the business on the side. Which is what works for some people. That may be what works for you. But I think more like Jay Z in the quote above. I needed to own my own and be free of anyone else's rules.

That's why I haven't worked a regular job since 2007. And I never will again, unless it's for a whole lot of money. And I'd be doing it only for the money, with a definite end date.


If you're like me, you want that freedom. I'm glad you do. I'm going to let you know what I know it takes, at least to this point in my business life.

Time. Put the time into learning your business. Invest in personal development. And know who you are as a person, to place yourself in the best situations for you.

Money. The investment I mention in the link above also involves a spend on your part. Books and courses cost money. As do sneakers, bar cover charges, and App Store games. Make your choice, and the choices will make you.

Courage. It won't be easy. There will be days when you wish you had the "security" of a guaranteed check. Days when you wish there was a time clock telling you that it was OK to stop working. Days where a 9-5 looks very appealing compared to what you're doing. What kind of conversation will you have with yourself on those days?

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