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Broke 💸, Stupid 💭 & Lazy 🥱

I’m just describing most people.

Most people — including your coworkers, family members and neighbors — are at least one, often two or all three.

How can I be so sure?

The Law Of Entropy states that any entity left to its own devices will always descend into a higher level of disorder, or chaos.

Picture a garden that is never tended to, to pull the

A run down neighborhood where no one cuts the grass, picks up trash, or clears out the homeless people who piss in the streets.

Or, a human body that never exercises or eats vegetables.

Or a classroom full of second graders with no teacher maintaining order.

The natural result of doing nothing, of having no conscious intention for a specific outcome, is chaos.

This is why most people are broke, stupid, and lazy. Because they don’t do anything consciously and intentionally to fight against these naturally-occurring outcomes.

Don’t be like most people.

Inoculate yourself here:

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