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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/Book Review: Think Like A Freak by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (@freakonomics)
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Book Review: Think Like A Freak by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (@freakonomics)

“The fact is that solving problems is hard. If a given problem still exists, you can bet that a lot of people have already come along and failed to solve it. Easy problems evaporate; it is the hard ones that linger. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to track down, organize, and analyze the data to answer even one small question well.*

So rather than trying and probably failing to answer most of the questions sent our way, we wondered if it might be better to write a book that can teach anyone to think like a Freak.
What might that look like?”

I'm always excited to read anything from the Freakonomics series. The authors are critical thinkers who take on questions we either a) assume we already have a good answer to or b) have decided there is no better answer to.

Levitt & Dubner shine light on ways of thinking that would require a complete re-wiring to achieve for the average person.

The 3rd installment of the Freakonomics series, Think Like A Freak goes a different route from the previous two. Instead of posing a question and answering it, this edition aims to teach the reader how to think in ways that will produce answers.

The best thing about the Freakonomics books is that every turn of the page is a treat. I came to expect to learn a new way of looking at things I've seen or heard of hundreds of times before.

In its essence, that is exactly what a book exists for.

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