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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Book Review: The Philosophy On Successful Living by Jim Rohn
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Book Review: The Philosophy On Successful Living by Jim Rohn

“His advice was to list out all of my excuses and then rip that list to shreds. Then get a new piece of paper and put one word on it - “me.”The answer to my problem was to deal with what was within me. He explained to me that the answer to solving my problems wasn’t to be found by listing out the obstacles both real and perceived in the outside world, but instead by noticing the obstacles in my own thinking and approach.”

I am a big Jim Rohn fan. If you're a fan of any self-help or personal development people around today -- such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, or Brian Tracy (and everyone in between who get ideas from them) -- you're a Jim Rohn fan too. He was the first to share many philosophies thes people have made fortunes interpreting.

Philosophy is a short and simple booking Rohn sayings from a live event he did at one time. It's a good primer to begin with for anyone who hasn't gone deep into personal development yet and wants to get their feet wet with a simple, plain-English text.

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