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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Book Review: Power Cues by Nick Morgan [@DrNickMorgan]
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Book Review: Power Cues by Nick Morgan [@DrNickMorgan]

“But what if you could learn to become aware of the important parts of this unconscious mental activity? What if you could learn to read it in others’ minds? And what if you could control conversations, meetings, and all sorts of interactions among the people around you, using that conscious awareness of everyone’s unconscious minds, including your own?What if you could walk into a room and effortlessly (or apparently effortlessly) take charge of it? What if you could switch on charisma at will, making all heads swivel in your direction when you walk into that room? What if you could become the natural leader—the go-to person—of most of the groups that you join?

What if you could learn the essential power cues that will enable you to master virtually any situation where you want or need to be in control?

Would that be worth the effort?”

I heard about Nick Morgan's book on a podcast I was listening to months ago and Power Cues finally made its way to the top of my iBooks shelf when I realized I needed to get better at my own communication. Power Cues delivers perfectly on that need.

The tone of Power Cues strikes a healthy balance between the voice of a college professor and casual conversation coming from a really smart friend over lunch. Morgan explains the who, what, when, where, why and how of our everyday verbal and -- more importantly -- non-verbal communication. Morgan explains that out subconscious minds control us more than we know. Power Cues explains how the conversation between our subconscious minds, which is always happening and doesn't tell lies, determines outcomes much more than the words and mannerisms we consciously control. But Morgan doesn't stop with explaining what everything is: he tells you how you can get better at this non-verbal conversation and use this new knowledge to your advantage.

Power Cues is a book I recommend to any teacher, speaker, salesperson, and anyone who occupies a leadership position in their life or business. You will learn how the things your body language is saying without you input are determining outcomes.

And you don't even know it.

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