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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Book Review: How The World Sees You by Sally Hogshead [@SallyHogshead]
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Book Review: How The World Sees You by Sally Hogshead [@SallyHogshead]

“You don’t need to find the light. You are the light. When you let your personality shine, you can light up the world.

In this book, you and I are going to discover the most extraordinary parts of yourself. You will see the best of how the world sees you. By the time we’re finished, you will have the words to communicate your highest distinct value . . . ​why people hire you and promote you and befriend you and champion for you and fall in love with you.

This book will not change who you are. Quite the opposite. This book will help you become more of who you are."

How The World Sees You is a homerun book topic for the simple fact that it focuses completely on all of our favorite subject: Ourselves. Further, it is a homerun of a book because unlike some self-assesment lietrature, it is actually accurate and immediately actionable.
Sally's main point is that we don't need to learn how to be anything different than who we are; we just need to be more aware of our own strengths and how to be ourselves better.

I think my first time hearing of Sally Hogshead was either a speech she had on YouTube or on the James Altucher show. James was asking her about this book and how it applies to people. Like any good salesperson, Sally offered a free-use code for listeners to have their own Fascination Advatage Assesment done online. I immediately went to her website to get mine (expert tip: offer people a way to hear about themselves and they will always take it) but there was a problem: since I listen to podcasts waaay after their actual release time, the free use code Sally had offered had expired. Luckily though; Sally does a lot of interviews and I heard her on another one (Tim Ferriss maybe) that was more recent and snagged my Assesment.

My Fascination Advatage Assesment -- which asks you some questions about yourself then tells you in which ways you best present yourself to the world -- was spot on. And after reading How The World Sees You and the details of my Archetype (called "The Architect" -- a combination of Prestige and Mystique), I could clearly see from my past and present (really, like that day) how the best-suited activities and strengths Sally outlined for me really were my strong points as a person.

Overall I will say this: If you like to read, hear and think about yourself, and learn how to be yourself better, this book is for you.

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