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Work On Your Game Content/Personal Branding/Book It: Slowing The Blog Pace
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Book It: Slowing The Blog Pace

Back in late 2015, I predicted I would publish 10 books in 2016. It mid-August and I have published 2: The Insta-Philosopher and Dre Philosophy Vol. 0.

There are four months left. It's time I deliver.

I'm never short on book ideas. But time is finite and I want this done. To complete my work, I'll sacrifice one of my sacred cows - daily blogging - to get these books in.

There are good reasons:

We remember, quote, and pass on books more than we do Blogs. I want to be remembered, and my books will last longer than my blog posts.
People buy books. Not Blogs. Remember I'm a Business, Man.

Books take more time, concentration and energy. Thus the content is better. You'll get more out my books for all 3 reasons listed here. You'll re-read a book more often. You value what you pay for more than you value what was free. And the book's content is just better! So we all win.

I may may just keep blogging daily anyway, maybe doing shorter posts. Otherwise, look out for it on Monday- Wednesday- Friday thru end 2016. Maybe beyond, if I decide to write another 10.

Come to think of it, expect M-W-F until further notice. I have books to write.

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