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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Boldness Closes The Deal
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Boldness Closes The Deal

The bold move leaves no time for reflection. - Robert Greene, The 48 Laws Of Power
The bold move leaves no opening for rebuttals.
There is no second-guessing a bold maneuver.
A bold attitude doesn't consider Plan Bs. If Plan A doesn't work, another Plan A is quickly formed and executed.
Audacity doesn't hesitate at the moment of truth.
Boldness does not know the phrase "what if?"
The bold draw attention: We are all waiting to see what they will say or do next, and secretly long to be the same way...
If only we could get over fear of rebuttal... and second-guessing ourselves... or having Plan Bs that infect Plan A execution... and hesitation... and the what-ifs that slow us down constantly.

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