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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Being Un-Hirable Makes You Un-Fireable
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Being Un-Hirable Makes You Un-Fireable

I'm sure I am un-hirable.

The reason is not because I'm bad at interviews: I actually have a solid 70-80% close rate on job interviews in my lifetime.

It's not because I can't follow directions and be a reliable employee: I worked at McDonald's in high school and was one of the most reliable workers there. After stopping by to see my old Rita's Water Ice manager last month, she told my dad the next week that I was one of the best hires she'd ever made (which made my mom proud).

It's not that I have a problem being on time. Ask anyone who knows me how Dre is when it comes to time and promptness.

I can't be hired because I got a taste of being in charge. Of running the enterprise. Of being "the name on the door." And it's damn near impossible to go back from there.

Not to say that entrepreneurship is perfect; it isn't. You don't have the "guaranteed" paycheck that most employees point to as a solid reason to keep a job. Anything that goes wrong is your responsibility to fix. There is no one to pass the buck to. You could go a month and make nothing, despite all your work. You never know when you're going to explode or completely flop. It can be quite unpredictable.

Still, the number of people I know who have gone from owning, back to working for someone else can be counted on one hand.

That's because those who enter entrepreneurship with both feet love the power and adrenaline rush that comes with everything in that paragraph above, good and bad.

You call the shots (as opposed to being told what to do). Every day you wake up with your back against the wall (as opposed to falling asleep at your desk from boredom). You have competitions angling to take you out (as opposed to not caring about competition since it's not your company that would be going under). And no one can fire you (as opposed to... well, you know).

Almost every time I talk to someone about the things I do, they eventually let on that they too have ideas and wishes for some things that they would like to do. I always encourage them that it can be done, and offer some simple first steps that can get them on the path to making it happen. 80% of those conversations end the same way: Excuses about why they can't or haven't done it.

Time (you do -- stop watching TV). Money (doesn't cost any, but they find a reason to use this excuse almost every time). Kids (exactly -- the reason why you should be doing it). I just don't know (of course you don't -- you haven't done anything!).

The cliché goes, you're either building your dream or being paid to help someone else build theirs. And they can afford to pay you for one reason: The value your work returns is worth more than your paycheck. Otherwise your employer would be out of business. So you're underpaid, by definition. Think about it.

You have the power to flip the equation. If the unpredictability scares you, try getting fired with no Plan B. Have you seen that happen?

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