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Work On Your Game Content/Discipline/Being In-Demand To Make Demands
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Being In-Demand To Make Demands

NFL Hall Of Famer Eric Dickerson released a letter that demanded the NFL to provide full health care and a yearly salary to retired Hall Of Fame-inducted NFL players. The letter was supposedly co-signed by several named Hall players, some of whom backed away from association with the letter later that day.

The initial public backlash was that the letter’s goals were self-serving, demanding benefits for Hall Of Fame players only, ignoring the rank and file players who are not enshrined as legends. That makes sense, being that football success is not nearly as individualized as that of, for example, a basketball player. Every legendary NFL player needed help from many teammates to do his thing as well as he did.

After that, there was much back-and-forth between ex-players, Hall Of Famers and not, over the structure of the NFLPA (player’s union), its leadership, and who’s to blame for the whole mess of many NFL players living out their later years in poor physical, mental and financial health.

This is a start.

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