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Because I'm A Salesperson, Bitch

Someone sent me a private snap the other day, asking why I'm always promoting my products.

Because I'm a salesperson, that's why. Salespeople sell things. The only way to sell it is to let people know about it. Then let them know again. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]The only way to sell something is to let people know about it. Then let them know again.[/shareable]

And again. And again - until they make the right decision of buying it.

When you believe in your product, this is the right and just thing to do. You know your product will help them. And for its price, your product is actually a bargain. Your job is to share the value of the product as often as necessary. And when the consumer sees that value exceeds price, they buy.

I talk about my products because I know their value. I created them myself; I should know. My job is to have you understand the value as well as I do. You will upon experiencing the product - but you have to buy it first.

Even people who aren't interested in a particular product of mine must respect this. I see promotions and advertisements everywhere I go, online and off, daily. I don't complain about it. If anything, I'm looking at how people sell and asking myself how I can use some of their tactics for selling my stuff.

This is how a hustler thinks.

If you hate seeing people promote their stuff, there's a reason for it. I'll identify the reasons, along with their fixes.

You don't have anything to sell. Create something, or go work for someone who has things to sell. I've talked about how to do this many times on my podcast. Listen to every episode.
You're embarrassed of your product or don't truly believe in it. If it's a product you made, make it better! Otherwise, improve your knowledge of your product. If all else fails, find a new product to sell. And if this problem persists, the problem is not the product…
You suck at selling. Buy some books on sales. Take an online course in selling. Attend a sales training seminar. Hire a coach. Go on YouTube and study sales videos. Work On Your F****n’ Game!!!

I've heard someone say, if you're not promoting it, you're demoting it.

When people get engaged these days, how do you find out about it? Instagram and Facebook posts, right? Why is this so? Because the woman is super excited about her ring. She tells EVERYONE who will listen, because she wants the world to know that she has made a lifelong commitment to another human.

If you got engaged and your partner didn't tell anyone, how would you feel? Is your partner embarrassed by you? Doesn't believe in you? You'd probably reconsider your commitment.

If you have a product that you're not telling people about, you're unconsciously telling people the product sucks. That won't lead to sales. If your product was any good, wouldn't you be telling everybody? Of course.

You already know you're in sales. Knowing something, and living like you know something are two different things. [shareable cite="@DreAllDay "]Knowing something, and living like you know something are two different things.[/shareable]

And if you don't like seeing people promote their stuff, you don't know what it feels like to eat what you kill. And when the day comes that you need this skill and no one comes in to save you, you will starve.

Better fatten up now.

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